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how about your own interpretation of a selkie?

that is a great idea!! i’ll give it a go :) thank you so much for a suggestion! i hope that with just this bit of help it will get me going and out of this rut.

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what kind of stuff do you usually draw/design?

i do illustration by ink and watercolor or digital drawing with fantasy or surreal themes. i also like digital drawing and graphic design, photography and photo editing…etc. i have a wide range of skills! i like fantasy and folk themes with fine and digital art. graphic design, i am open to just about anything. haha that doesn’t narrow it down much, does it?!

if you give me an idea for a drawing, design, or project, i will love you. i really want to vamp up my portfolio but i am in the longest lasting brain fart when it comes to creative concepts. i will gladly post whatever i do if you help me come up with something! any ideas?